How to become a Winskill Dolphins Swimmer

Winskill Dolphins is always looking for new swimmers to join our club, and we hope that includes your young athelte. If you have a young swimmer who loves the water and is interested in joining the Winskill Dolphins Swim Club, please follow the steps below. If during any of the steps below, or during the intake process, you run into any issues, please email

If you have previous competitive experience, please email our Head Coach, Judy Baker, at to discuss your swimmer's group placement. Please include your swimmer's name, birth date, previous swim club name, as well as any results or best times in your email. 


Step 1

Please click on the link below to set up an Assessment for your swimmer. A New Swimmer Assessment allows our WDSC coaches to get an idea of your swimmer's skill level in the pool, and will help with deciding their group placement. Please plan for your swimmer to be in the pool for around 10-15 minutes. 


If you run into any issues, or if any of the times listed above do not work with your family's schedule, please email Coach Judy  at​​​​​​​.


Step 2

After your New Swimmer Assessment, you will receive a follow up email, which will either list the group that your swimmer has been placed into, OR will provide a list of skills to work on before coming back in for another assessment. If your swimmer is placed in a group you will also receive instructions on how to complete the registration process. 



Step 3

The last step in joing the club is to complete the registration process on our website! Once your swimmer's registration is completed and confirmed they will be able to jump into the pool with their training group! Instructions on the registration process can be found below!