Purchasing Equipment and WDSC Clothing

All swimmers need a minimum of cap, goggles and swim suit for their practices. As swimmers grow, so will their need for equipment. Typical swim equipment includes:

  • Swimsuit (practice suits and competition suits)
  • Mesh equipment bag 
  • Kickboard 
  • Fins (short and long)
  • Goggles 
  • Hand paddles 
  • Pull Buoy 
  • Snorkel 
  • Skipping Rope
  • Exercise Roller (to help with recovery)

Your child's coach will be able to tell you exactly what is needed for their group.

Below you will find a link to our team equipment store, Team Aquatics, as well as our team gear store, Entripy, where you can purchase WDSC clothing. 

Your swimmer will recieve a WDSC swim cap with their registration. Your child's coach will make sure your child recieves their cap. Replacement caps can also be supplied by your coach and your account will be charged for each additional cap supplied after the first one. 

In addition, we will place two group orders in the swim season (Sep/Oct and Feb/Mar). This group order will include the option to purchase custom swim caps (includes the club logo and your last name) and WDSC swim suits. These are the only two custom items we order that must be collected through a group order. These orders will be sent to you via email and you may choose whether or not your wish to order anything.

All other items you need/want can be ordered by yourself at any time. We have available to you Team Aquatics where you can purchase swim equipment and our own WDSC team clothing shop. Check out the details below. 

Need Gear?

Each group may have some variations on the required equipment, but Team Aquatics can help you with everything from goggles to fins. Be sure to use the discount code: WIN510 when placing your order!



Need Clothing?

Visit our WDSC clothing shop! There you can order a variety of clothes with the WDSC lettering or logo.  Use the member code WDSC4416 to ensure the club recieves a 10% rebate towards our fundraising efforts. Please note, the member code is NOT a discount.